Less is More

This picture definitely proves the saying that “less is more” might have some truth to it. This is a random post, but I thought I’d share with you my experiments with photography. I just saw my ukulele and the boring blank white wall in my room, so I thought it would be a perfect picture with a minimalist concept. It’s clean and simple, and kind of relaxing to look at. Also, this photo is taken with my Samsung S4, which can shockingly take pictures like a pro.Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Simple Look

There’s nothing more interesting than a simple, minimalistic look with high quality items. But let’s face it, as a student, you can’t always afford luxury branded high quality things. Here’s a couple of ideas of cool items that can be bought from a budget to mid-price stores. You just have to look and dig deeper to find them.

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Sunglasses: TARGET (10$) | Watch: ALDO (30$)

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BC Highway 99

Now, you may be wondering why I’m writing about a highway. But this is no ordinary highway. When driving down this route, I did not expect it to be this beautiful. We always hear that Canada is beautiful with some amazing nature spots, and BC Highway 99 certainly confirms that statement (although I’ve never been to Banff National Park, which from the pictures look really nice). The highway, otherwise known as the Sea-To-Sky highway, provides a direct route to Whistler, which is located about 120 km north of Vancouver. It’s build between the mountain valleys and the ocean, offering breathtaking views of the clear-colored water and the mountain ranges in the distance. I usually get bored during a road trip, but I just could not get enough of the views we got just from driving up this highway. Although I have to point out that it was pretty damn scary since the route follows the shape of the mountains, it had many sharp turns. They also made numerous lookouts for cars to park and for people to enjoy the view, which we definitely took advantage of. Here are some photos we took from the trip.








Experimenting With Hollandaise Sauce

You know what I love? Brunch. You know why I love it? Eggs Benedict. You know why I’m obsessed with Eggs Benedict? HOLLANDAISE SAUCE. It’s probably one of my favourite sauce ever. If you haven’t tried it, well you’re kinda missing out on a lot my friend. I love it so much that I tried to figure out ways to make a healthier version of it so I can eat it more often. (If you’d like a recipe for the healthy hollandaise sauce, please comment!). So I made some hollandaise sauce the other day, and I didn’t have english muffins or meats for the Eggs Benedict. Then I thought, maybe it might be good with other things. So I decided to bake some whole potatoes and then poured some of the sauce on it. And the result was yummy. Maybe even better than Eggs Benedict since it feels lighter and easier to digest. Here are some pictures of the finished result.




Vancouver, BC

I’ve always had a soft spot for Vancouver. I don’t live there, and I’ve only been there three times. But it was the city that first made me fall in love with Canada. The first Canadian city I’ve ever visited was actually Calgary. But I arrived there in the middle of winter snow storm, at -20 degrees Celsius, and I was staying at a family’s house in a quiet suburb where the only place we could go to that was reachable by bus was Wal-Mart. Then when we got to Vancouver, it was sunny, +3 degree Celsius, and barely any snow on the ground. We stayed downtown and took a ferry to check out some orca whales, which are only my favourite animal in the whole planet. So you can imagine why it was Vancouver that stole my heart (granted, I’m sure Calgary would’ve been nice if we actually visited the downtown). I was so excited when we decided to go to Vancouver again last year, and I was not disappointed. It was even better than how I remember it. Now that I’m not a kid, I can even appreciate the things that I couldn’t care less about before, like the mountains, the beaches, the scenery, the sushis. Ahh the sushis. There are probably as much sushi restaurants as there are Starbucks and McDonald’s combined. But I shouldn’t bore you guys by rambling about my love for sushi. Here’s a few pictures of our trip to Vancouver.


Downtown Vancouver


Something you don’t see everyday: a palm tree in Canada


Lion’s Gate Bridge


Kitsilano Beach Park


Their skyline is pretty on point


When I hear San Francisco, I think of the Golden Gate Bridge, its world-class Chinatown, or its famous old Victorian houses. But not many people take the time to dig deeper and look for other less-known tourist spots, and believe me, there are tons! Not only are these spots mostly free of crowds, they also provide a different perspective of the city that you don’t see often on the TV or the internet.

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Grey Whale Cove State Beach is located about 30 km south of the city centre and has incredible scenery! No one ever told me that San Francisco area has incredible beaches, and that’s because no one ever drove to this beach park. It is so secluded and clean, I would’ve thought it was my private beach! It’s also located right at the foot of a cliff, which makes it even more spectacular. It was definitely worth the drive!

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One of the most interesting things we saw in San Francisco was the Moraga Steps. Located at the intersection of Moraga Street and 16th Avenue, these steps are nicely decorated with colourful mosaic tiles. Apparently it was the local community’s idea to install these mosaic tiles to make their neighbourhood look nicer, and hey, we’re not complaining! If you walk up the 163 steps, you’ll reach the Grand View Park, and I can see why they chose that name. The view was definitely grand. You can basically see the whole city, from Ocean Beach in the west to downtown in the east. The 360 degree city view was however not without the famous San Francisco’s fog. But hey, it’s San Francisco, what else can we expect!

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So if you’re planning to visit San Francisco, definitely think about checking these places out. They are just as beautiful as the city’s other tourist spots, less crowded, and won’t cost you a dime (if you don’t count the transportation haha). It definitely made our vacation so much more fun and interesting!


Every now and then, I always have one or two clothing items that I just can’t help but wear all the time. I have a decent amount of shoes, and some of them can pretty much be paired with any outfit. But two shoes in particular just make my outfits look so much better, and I always end up choosing to wear them over my other shoes. So here are my current obsessions.

#1 | Nike Roshe Run (75$)

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These might probably the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. Not only that, they are super light. Also, did I mention they are really comfortable? The thick, bendable, sole provides enough cushion and the mesh top lets your feet breathe. The black one pretty much goes with any outfit you want to wear (except a suit, but if you like it then do your thing!) and they can be worn all day without socks without resulting in any blisters. If you like to be stylish but comfortable and efficient, then these are the perfect shoes!

#2 | Waterproof Timberland Boots (155$)

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These boots may be on the more expensive side, but they are very much worth the price if you’re into street style. They make a perfect fashion statement for street wears, and they can be worn in any kind of weather or season since they are waterproof. However, they take awhile to break into and they might hurt a bit the first times you wear them. But it doesn’t take long until they become super comfortable and warm to wear. They also go with many kinds of outfits, from a simple t-shirt and jeans to a stylish denim jacket, checkered shirt, or even a nice, structured coat.